Commit 81db8189 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

tests/unit/.../ Tests updated by change in order

Now testEditForm() is necessarily called first which modifies the entry
we created tags for.
Thus we should not find those tags anymore
parent 3dfe81ae
......@@ -28,14 +28,15 @@ class SamplesetsModel(unittest.TestCase):
names = samples.get_names()
self.assertEquals(names[fake_sample_set_id], "plo")
self.assertEquals(names[permission_sample_set], "bar")
def testGetTagNames(self):
samples = SampleSets([fake_sample_set_id, permission_sample_set])
names = samples.get_tag_names()
self.assertEquals('first_fake_tag' in names[fake_sample_set_id], True)
self.assertEquals('sec_fake_tag' in names[fake_sample_set_id], True)
self.assertEquals(permission_sample_set in names, False)
# Tags should have been removed by editing the entry in
# testEditForm()
self.assertFalse('first_fake_tag' in names[fake_sample_set_id])
self.assertFalse('sec_fake_tag' in names[fake_sample_set_id])
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