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......@@ -646,7 +646,6 @@ make functional
stop individual services.
The services are as follows:
- mysql The database
- postfix The mailing server
- uwsgi The Web2py backend server
- fuse The XmlRPCServer that handles custom fuses (for comparing
......@@ -665,6 +664,10 @@ make functional
vidjil image you want to use. Usually this will be vidjil/vidjil:latest,
but more tags are available at
You may also want to uncomment the volume in the fuse volume block "-
./vidjil/conf:/etc/vidjil" this will provide easier access to all of the
configuration files, allowing for tweaks.
Running the following command will automatically download any missing
images and start the environment:
......@@ -683,12 +686,18 @@ make functional
** Building images for DockerHub
Make sure your Dockerfile is up to date with any changes you may want to
make to the containers. And make sure the latest vidjil packages have been
deployed to the vidjil repository since they will be used as the source
for the actual vidjil application.
make to the containers. The Dockerfile accepts some build arguments:
- build-env: TEST or PRODUCTION. If unspecified, PRODUCTION is assumed.
The main difference is that TEST will build the image with an HTTP
configuration whereas PRODUCTION uses HTTPS.
- git_repo : The repository to build the image from. By default, our main
repository is assumed.
- git_branch : The git branch to clone from the repository. By default:
docker-compose build
docker build --build-arg build_env=PRODUCTION --build-arg
git_branch=<my_feature_branch> .
Tag the image you have just built:
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