Commit 5c54f210 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

tdd: --max-clones

Opens #3347.
parent 5d2c0f4d
!REQUIRES: python $VIDJIL_DIR/tools/
!LAUNCH: $VIDJIL_DIR/$EXEC $VIDJIL_DEFAULT_OPTIONS -3 --max-clones 10 -y 5 -z 1 -g $VIDJIL_DIR/germline/homo-sapiens.g:IGH -r 4 -b limits $VIDJIL_DATA/Stanford_S22.fasta > /dev/null ; cat out/limits.vidjil
# Test limits in the .vidjil json output
$ There is exactly one clone with a detailed analysis (-z 1)
w1: "cdr3"
$ There are exactly five clones with representative sequences (-y 5)
w5: "sequence": "
$ There are exactly ten clones (--max-clones 10)
w10: "id"
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