Commit 56ffd90e authored by flothoni's avatar flothoni

scatterplot.js; at a axis change, update the distrib clmones content.

Call the model to reset previous,  compute new list of distrib clones
parent e55cf1ea
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......@@ -1303,6 +1303,7 @@ ScatterPlot.prototype = {
var elem = this.select_x;
this.changeSplitMethod(elem.value, this.splitY, this.mode);
this.m.change_active_distrib(elem.value, this.splitY, this.mode)
......@@ -1313,6 +1314,7 @@ ScatterPlot.prototype = {
var elem = this.select_y;
this.changeSplitMethod(this.splitX, elem.value, this.mode);
this.m.change_active_distrib(this.splitY, elem.value, this.mode)
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