Commit 56996345 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

algo/core/math: Add file for probability computation

Compute the minimal number of k-mers of an uncertainty range whose mean is
given by the empirical number of k-mers found.

The probability is provided as an integer as we don't have Z-scores for every
possible value and float comparison can be a bit tricky.
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#include "math.hpp"
#include <map>
#include <cmath>
#include <cassert>
#include <string>
#include "tools.h"
using namespace std;
const static map<int, float> Z_SCORES = {{90, 1.2816}, {95, 1.6449}, {99, 2.3263}, {999, 3.0902}};
int compute_nb_kmers_limit(int kmer_size, int nb_occ, int sequence_length, int p_value) {
if (Z_SCORES.count(p_value) == 0) {
throw invalid_argument("You can't use a p_value of "+to_string(p_value));
float empirical_proba = nb_occ * 1. / (sequence_length - kmer_size + 1);
if (empirical_proba > 1)
return nb_occ;
float min_proba = empirical_proba - * sqrt(empirical_proba * (1 - empirical_proba) / (sequence_length - kmer_size + 1));
if (min_proba <= 0)
return 0;
// “Converts” the probability to a number of k-mers
return min_proba * (sequence_length - kmer_size + 1);
#ifndef MATH_HPP
#define MATH_HPP
* Compute the minimal number of k-mers that is not significantly different from nb_occ
* Given that the k-mers used are those used for `affect` on the sequence `sequence`.
* @param kmer_size: size of the kmer
* @param nb_occ: Number of occurrences found on this sequence
* @param sequence_length: The sequence length
* @param p_value: The p_value to be used. The lower the p_value, the lower the value will be returned
* Beware! The p_value must be given as an integer to prevent issues with float equalities.
* Therefore a pvalue of .95 should be given as 95 and a p-value of .999 should be given as 999.
* Not all p-values are possible. Please refer to the keys of Z_SCORES.
* @return The lower bound of the confidence interval assumuing that the center of the confidence
* interval is given by `nb_occ`. In all cases the returned value will be >= 0.
int compute_nb_kmers_limit(int kmer_size, int nb_occ, int sequence_length, int p_value=95);
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