Commit 4ce475b3 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert update docker installation information

Added information about the backup container. Also information about
where to set the password for the mysql user.
parent 51b847ca
......@@ -535,6 +535,7 @@ make functional
- nginx The web server
- workers The Web2py Scheduler workers in charge of executing vidjil
users' samples
- backup Starts a cron job to schedule regular backups
- reporter A monitoring utility that can be configured to send
monitoring information to a remote server
......@@ -581,6 +582,12 @@ make functional
represent the sender email address and the destination email addresses,
used in reporting patient milestones and server errors.
- Change the database password. In the mysql directory you will find an
entrypoint script which creates the database, the user and set that
user's password.
This is the password you need to match in the file in the
vidjil configuration.
- Change the volumes in docker-compose.yml. By default all files that
require saving outside of the containers (the database, uploads, vidjil
results and log files) are stored in /opt/vidjil , but you can change
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