Commit 49a28a1d authored by Mikael Salson's avatar Mikael Salson Committed by Vidjil Users did not have the right to delete/modify sample set on main list

It appeared that between the sample_set/all and sample_set/index controller there was a difference in how
the permissions were checked. In the sample_set/index we used `auth.can_modify_sample_set` while in the
sample_set/all controller we used `auth.can_modify`. This is probably due to how permissions are handled
now (see #3077). Therefore I used the `can_modify_sample_set` function instead.

Fixes #3138
parent 8ac858b5
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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ class SampleSetList():
self.elements[].most_used_conf = ""
self.elements[].groups = ""
self.elements[].group_list = []
self.elements[].has_permission = auth.can_modify(type,
self.elements[].has_permission = auth.can_modify_sample_set(key.sample_set_id)
self.elements[].anon_allowed = auth.can_view_info(type,
self.element_ids = self.elements.keys()
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