Commit 4817c43c authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mathieu Giraud

model_test.js initialise Scatterplot and Url

Tests were failing due to missing Url instance for m.url_manger, which
also requires a scatterplot.
parent 2bf94d14
......@@ -266,6 +266,9 @@ QUnit.test("system selection", function(assert) {
QUnit.test("model: analysis sample data application", function(assert) {
var m = new Model();
var sp = new ScatterPlot("visu", m);
var myUrl = new Url(m);
m.url_manager = myUrl;
var ff = m.getFilteredFields({'log':[], 'producer':[], 'foobar':[], 'id': [], 'barfoo':[]});
var bool = ff.indexOf('log') == -1 && ff.indexOf('producer') == -1 && ff.indexOf('id') == -1;
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