Commit 2e7ec47a authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

germline.cpp: Avoid multiple calls to it.value()

I'm not sure how efficient this method is.
parent fb2a5905
......@@ -302,10 +302,11 @@ void MultiGermline::build_from_json(string path, string json_filename_and_filter
int delta_min = default_delta_min;
int max_indexing = default_max_indexing;
json recom = it.value()["recombinations"];
char shortcut = it.value()["shortcut"].dump()[1];
json json_value = it.value();
json recom = json_value["recombinations"];
char shortcut = json_value["shortcut"].dump()[1];
string code = it.key();
json json_parameters = it.value()["parameters"];
json json_parameters = json_value["parameters"];
string seed = json_parameters["seed"];
if (default_delta_min == ~0) {
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