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tests: add test

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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ QUnit.module("Clone", {
"name" : some_name,
"reads" : [10,10,30,0] ,
"top" : 2,
"germline" : "TRG",
"germline" : "IGH",
"warn": [{
"code": "Wxx",
"msg": "a warning that is only an information",
......@@ -139,6 +139,9 @@ QUnit.test("name, informations, getHtmlInfo", function(assert) {
assert.equal(c2.getName(), some_name, "clone2, .getName()");
assert.equal(c2.getShortName(), "IGHV3-23 6/ACGTG/4 D1-1 5/12/4 J5*02", "clone2, .getShortName()");
assert.equal(c1.getLocus(), "TRG")
assert.equal(c2.getLocus(), "IGH")
assert.equal(c1.isWarned(), 'warn', "clone1 is warned (client, bad e-value)")
assert.equal(c2.isWarned(), false, "clone2 is not warned (only 'info')")
assert.equal(c3.isWarned(), 'warn', "clone3 is warned with 'warn'")
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