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    germline, algo/tests: New germlines taken into account · a79ff8de
    Mikael Salson authored
    Changes in IMGT:
    - Addition of 8 IGHV genes and alleles (8 F):IGHV1-8*03, IGHV1-69*15, IGHV1-69*16, IGHV2-26*02, IGHV2-26*03, IGHV2-70*15, IGHV2-70*16, IGHV2-70*17.
    - Update of reference sequences of IGHV1-45*03 and IGHV2-70*04 (partial sequences were replaced with complete V-REGION).
    - TRAJ13*02 reference sequence is AB258131.
    See http://www.imgt.org/IMGTgenedbdoc/dataupdates.html
    Other changes in MD5 should be due to changes in headers but this is not always true.
    - IGKV2D-26*02 has gained 2 nucleotides at its end
    - TRGV2*03 has appeared
    We note that the new IGHV genes allow to diminish the number of ambiguous k-mers on S22 dataset
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