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.gitlab-ci.yml: Functional test stage not correctly placed

The coverage must happen after tests (otherwise it's not very meaningful).

Corrects f80461d5
4 jobs for prod-server in 5 minutes and 30 seconds (queued for 3 seconds)
Status Name Job ID Coverage
  Test Tools
passed test_tools #171077


  Test Unit
passed test_server_unit #171078


  Test Functional
passed test_server_functional #171079
x86_64 docker


  Deploy Docker
failed deploy_docker #171080
web docker allowed to fail manual


Name Stage Failure
deploy_docker Deploy Docker
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/gitlab-runner/builds/b8d876c1/0/vidjil/vidjil/germline'
$ make -C browser sha1
make: Entering directory '/home/gitlab-runner/builds/b8d876c1/0/vidjil/vidjil/browser'
../tools/ js/git-sha1.js "git_sha1 ="
make: Leaving directory '/home/gitlab-runner/builds/b8d876c1/0/vidjil/vidjil/browser'
$ cp -p doc/analysis-example.vidjil browser/
$ docker tag $CI_BUILD_REF_SLUG vidjil/vidjil:latest
Error response from daemon: no such id: prod-server
ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1