1. 15 Jun, 2016 5 commits
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      patient.py patient/add.html patient group · ab65bf8d
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      When adding a patient is it now necessary to select a group for this
      patient in order to determine how the permissions will be propagated
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      group.py group/add.html Associate groups · 1c07b887
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      It is now possible to select a parent group when creating a new one.
      This will allow groups to inherit any read permission that is assigned
      to the parent.
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      VidjilAuth.py Permissions Changes · 0f9bd03f
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      In order to simplify the permissions system and improve performance as
      well as make way for the new group associations. A single permission now
      determines whether a group (or association of groups) has access to a
      patient, run or sample_set
      More advanced levels of access are now defined globally for a group.
      Which means a group will always have the same permissions on files
      accessible to it's association.
      Furthermore groups are assigned in a parent/child manner. Only one group
      can be a parent in an association, therefore associating a group to one
      that already has a parent will associate said group to that parent.
      A parent group will confer file readability to its children but the
      children do not do the same for the parent and do not confer file
      permissions with eachother.
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      VidjilAuth.py New group associated permissions management · 0ecc9f67
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      Added some functions to manage permissions with group associations
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      db.py Add new table to associate groups · a79f1200
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  6. 25 May, 2016 1 commit
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      model_loader.js remove analysis log · bd90e001
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      Some analysis files contain a sample log entry. Added an exception to
      the code to make sure this log does not replace the existing log as it
      may be outdated
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