1. 13 Jan, 2017 2 commits
    • Mikaël Salson's avatar
      Germline: Make the seed a property of the Germline · 9fa64ce4
      Mikaël Salson authored
      Seed should be specific to the Germline as in the germlines.data
      file. We could have several Germlines in an index, but with different
      seeds. Designing Germlines this way makes it possible
    • Mikaël Salson's avatar
      tools: generate_all_seeds · 85455813
      Mikaël Salson authored
      Take a string and a seed (which spans the whole seed) and generates all
      the strings matching the input string with the seed.
      Tests included.
  2. 12 Jan, 2017 30 commits
  3. 11 Jan, 2017 3 commits
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      main.js fix syntax mistake · 8f306b2a
      RyanHerb authored
      A missing semi-colon was causing an issue with a self-calling function.
    • RyanHerb's avatar
      db.py defs.py.sample add defs for db pool size · 22b67f2d
      RyanHerb authored
      Due to database pool size being hardcoded to 1, concurrent requests were
      not possible and therefore slowed the app down considerably when several
      users were trying to use the app at the same time. Often resulting in
      Adding this parameter allows us to manage the pool size easily and
      ensure users can post requests at the same time.
    • RyanHerb's avatar
      packaging/vidjil/debian/install install cgis · 4642c271
      RyanHerb authored
      The cgis are needeed for some browser functionnalities.
      They are compiled automatically into the vidjil package so we make the
      most of this rather than recompile them for the browser package.
  4. 10 Jan, 2017 5 commits