1. 05 Oct, 2017 3 commits
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      Replace jquery.autocomplete.js with jquery.atwho.js · 8e49b7db
      Ryan Herbert authored
      Although the jquery plugin autocomplete.js was providing the basic
      functionnality we needed, it was not natively able to display the list
      of suggestions in the desired position for our textareas.
      At.js is capable through the use of Caret.js of displaying a suggestion
      box under the caret in a textarea.
      This javascript code is heavily inspired by the code present in the
      gitlab-ce project and allows us to have a nicely cached data-set to
      limit database queries.
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      autocomplete.js, set controllers, set forms add group_id param · 016b984a
      Ryan Herbert authored
      The group_id had previously been committed as a hard-coded value, thus
      locking the completion to a single group. Obviously we want completion
      to work for everyone, so this will achieve our goal.
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      app.js autocomplete.js and views, add autocompletion to views · 90e76b2b
      Ryan Herbert authored
      autocomplete.js contains a binding function to bind the autocomplete
      library to a DOM element.
      The views then call this function when they are focused
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      run.py run/add.html owner group · cd5bb759
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      Added owner_group to run so that it is possible to affect a run to any
      group the user is a member of. Select box is currently hidden and
      selects the user_group by default unless the group Lille is in the list
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