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  1. 29 Nov, 2016 5 commits
    • HERBERT Ryan's avatar
      sample_set* filter last element · 747b85c3
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      In order to be able to indicate whether another page is available, we
      query one more item than we would like to display. Therefore we need to
      filter out this last element.
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      sample_set * add basic pagination · 37efef02
      HERBERT Ryan authored
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      sample_set* implement filters · 3c1eeb70
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      Previously patient and run lists has filtering. Generic sample_sets now
      have filtering too.
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      Reduce model overhead · 8c726f2a
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      Due to the amount of data being applied there was a considerable amount
      of overhead involved in creating an object for each row in the query.
      In order to attempt to preserve some of the generic code, the models
      have been converted to helper classes.
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      models/ extract list queries · af21361b
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      The sample_set/all route contained mainy queries which not only gave it
      a large amount of lines of code, but also made it difficult to test.
      These changes place the queries in a class which represents a list of
      sample sets.
      Each querie has been isolated in its own method and can therefore be
      called individually.
      This will open the path for more thorough testing of our controllers and
      also make them more maintainable and easier to understand.