1. 23 May, 2017 2 commits
    • Ryan Herbert's avatar
      file.py, task.py refactor schedule_fuse · 66a6f8ae
      Ryan Herbert authored
      The previous implementation of schedule fuse would only refuse a single
      sample_set and a single config. The goal of the function being to refuse
      all fused_files associated with a removed sequence_file, this was
      obviously not adequate.
      The function now takes a list of sample_set ids and a list of config ids
      in order to detect at one sequence file per sample_set and per config
      and refuse these results.
    • Ryan Herbert's avatar
      file.py add primitived for config and sample_set ids · ba2fc3de
      Ryan Herbert authored
      The functions when given a sequence_file id return all the associated
      sample_sets and all the configs used on the given sequence_file id.
  2. 22 May, 2017 17 commits
  3. 19 May, 2017 5 commits
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      file.py db.py delete sample_set_membership by cascade · 90a57777
      Ryan Herbert authored
      In the previous commit we fixed the loop that deleted the
      sample_set_membership entries when deleting a sequence_file. But it was
      far from optimal. Delegating the deletion to the DAL seems much cleaner
      and should be faster than the previous method.
    • Ryan Herbert's avatar
      file.py fix sample_set_membership deletion · c7241470
      Ryan Herbert authored
      The loop in charge of deleting sample_set_membership was placed after
      the deletion of the sequence_file, which caused the references to said
      sequence_file to be set to NULL, and therfore the loop was never
      Therefore placing the loop ahead of the sequence_file deletion should
      reduce database pollution.
    • Ryan Herbert's avatar
      results_file.py re-fuse on delete · bd3d3acb
      Ryan Herbert authored
      When deleting a results_file, if there are any results_files remaining
      in the sample_set, we want to re-fuse them.
      See: #1631
    • Ryan Herbert's avatar
      file.py schedule_fuse on delete · de39e3d8
      Ryan Herbert authored
      When results are deleted along with a sequence file, we want to re-fuse
      the remaining results_files in order to remove the deleted results from
      the sample_set.
      See #1631
    • Ryan Herbert's avatar
      task.py add schedule_fuse · 822105da
      Ryan Herbert authored
      We now want to be able to schedule a fuse task in order to refuse a
      sample_set from which a sequence_file has been deleted.
  4. 18 May, 2017 9 commits
  5. 17 May, 2017 7 commits