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      data/segmentation-2.fa: Small change in random sequence · 18ce10f2
      Mikaël Salson authored
      That random sequence was supposed to have too few v/j information (because
      it's random!). However, because of bad luck there was some tiny similarities
      with IGH but the sequence was not segmented due to inconsistencies with the
      This is still cool because the random sequence is not segmented. However here
      we just want to test that a sequence with too few v/j is reported as such. As
      the strand consistency is tested first in our algorithm, we didn't report the
      too few v/j information. Therefore I modified a single nucleotide in the
      sequence to get rid of this strand inconsistency.
      I think I always feel guilty when modifying a test example. That's probably
      why I needed to make such a long comment.
      See !148
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      segment.h: The minimal window length was actually quite small. · 8aa67229
      Mikaël Salson authored
      It was hard to make some tests (eg. unsegmentation-causes.should-get) have a
      too short window. Modifying a constant just so that the test passes is bad
      practice, but this is not the case here (at least I believe so).  Having
      difficulties to have a too short w also meant that in practice we would almost
      never see a “too short w” again. This could be nice. But we know that the
      position of the window is not accurate (it is not designed to be). Therefore
      20nt, if they are perfectly centered may be ok. But we know that it may not be
      well centered (and we even allow some shifts). Therefore 30nt seems to be a
      safer limit.
      See #2913
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