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      doc/locus.org: DDJ on TRD · fc760c4f
      Mathieu Giraud authored
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      controllers/clonedb.py: Controller to call the CloneDB · ca09695c
      Mikaël Salson authored
      Actually it is not a good idea that the client directly calls
      the CloneDB. Indeed some tags from the CloneDB directly refers
      to data on the server-side. Therefore the server can bring valuable
      That's what we do know: the client calls a controller which calls
      the CloneDB. The controller then adds other information useful to the client
      (URL of the sample sets, name of the sample sets).
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      SampleSet.py: Function to get the sample name · f144ac81
      Mikaël Salson authored
      We would probably benefit from a class offering such functions.
      The class would have a constructor relying only on the sample set ID
      and would not need anything else.
      The SampleSet class doesn't behaves in this fashion as this would not
      be efficent enough (for the patient list for instance, see #2295).
      However in some cases we would need a more flexible way of accessing
      a sample set, even it is slower.