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      ReadChooser: Useless comment removed. · efb822ee
      Mikaël Salson authored
      ReadChooser doesn't use a file.
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      ReadChooser: Speed-up ReadChooser, hence representative computation. · 10108137
      Mikaël Salson authored
      ReadChooser was storing all the sequences and score in a map (log-time access)
      and then reads were stored in a vector which was sorted depending on the
      scores stored in the map. So we had many allocations (map+vector) and a slow
      access (log access time, so the sort was in n log²n, where n is the number of
      sequences). I'm a bit ashamed to have done such an inefficient thing.
      Now the scores and the sequences are stored in an array. The sequences
      are not copied, but just a pointer to them is stored.
      The C function qsort is used because the C++ sort doesn't work
      (because of implicit destruction of something).
      The code is now much quicker (a -c clones of 600k reads, with -z 1 is now twice as fast).
      Someone motivated could probably do better with a radix sort.
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      Germline: remove debug info · 2b901b58
      Mikaël Salson authored
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      Representative: Remove quality information · f4eddb24
      Mikaël Salson authored
      For the moment the representative doesn't compute
      a quality.
      Since we copy the information from the best sequence if the sequence had
      quality information, we were also getting it for the representative... and it
      was displayed in the .vdj.fa file.
  9. 07 Feb, 2015 8 commits