Commit feef93d6 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson Committed by Vidjil Team
Browse files Script that provide commands for relaunching for any... Script that provide commands for relaunching for any sequence file containing a given substring
parent 438a74ee
from __future__ import print_function
import os.path
import sys
import defs
def print_fuse_from_sequence_filename(substring):
seq_ids = db(db.sequence_file.filename.contains(substring)).select(
for id in seq_ids:
fused_files=db(db.fused_file.sequence_file_list.contains('%d_' %
for fused in fused_files:
sequence_file_ids = fused.sequence_file_list.split('_')
sequence_file_ids.pop() # Remove last (empty)
result_filenames = []
sequence_filenames = []
for seq_id in sequence_file_ids:
results = db((db.results_file.config_id == fused.config_id)\
& (db.results_file.sequence_file_id == seq_id)).select(, limitby=(0,1))
results = ' '.join([defs.DIR_RESULTS+'{0}'.format(f) for f in result_filenames])
patient_id = str(db.sequence_file[].patient_id)
comments = ' '.join(sequence_filenames)+' (patientID: ' + patient_id +')'\
+'' % (patient_id, fused.config_id)
print ("python %s/ -o %s/%s -t 100 %s # %s" % (os.path.abspath(defs.DIR_FUSE),\
defs.DIR_RESULTS, fused.fused_file, results, comments))
if len(sys.argv) == 1 or sys.argv[0] == "-h" or sys.argv[0] == "--help":
print("Usage: %s <substring>\n\nThe script just print fuse command to be launched. It doesn't launch any command.\n\nWarning the provided commands are designed to overwrite fused files" % sys.argv[0])
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