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Commit fd682a25 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert multi sample stat reinclude use of helpers

for the set name use helpers.
parent bf297c70
......@@ -706,10 +706,12 @@ def getStatData(results_file_ids):
db.patient.first_name.with_alias("set_name"), db.patient.last_name,'set_info'),
db.patient.first_name, db.patient.last_name,'set_info'), db.patient.sample_set_id,,,,"set_name"), # use generic name as failsafe for set name
left = [
db.patient.on(db.patient.sample_set_id ==, ==,
......@@ -725,6 +727,7 @@ def getStatData(results_file_ids):
for head, htype in headers:
if htype == 'db':
d[head] = res[head]
d['set_name'] = helpers[set_type].get_name(res[set_type])
d = getFusedStats(res.fused_file, res, d)
return data
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