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vidjil-algo: release 2021.04

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This changelog concerns vijil-algo, the algorithmic part (C++) of the Vidjil platform.
2021-04-28 The Vidjil Team
* New unproductivity cause, reporting IGH sequences without a {WP}GxG pattern !935
* Updated germlines from IMGT/GENE-DB, as well with 60bp up/downstream !885 !892
* Included Sus Scrofa and Gallus Gallus germlines !478 !839
* JUNCTION/CDR3 analysis by default, deprecating -3 option !947
* Smaller --max-consensus output, without debug information, new advanced option --out-details !724
* Updated outputs (e-values, affects) !932
* New and updated documentation and online help
2021-02-18 The Vidjil Team
* New preset --filter-reads to filter potentially huge datasets (vidjil.cpp) #4681
* Better --gz option, outputting also .fa.gz and .affects.gz files (vidjil.cpp) #4692
# vidjil-algo 2021.02.2
# vidjil-algo 2021.04
**Command-line manual**
*The Vidjil team (Mathieu, Mikaël, Aurélien, Florian, Marc, Tatiana and Rayan)*
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