Commit f4af1ec2 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert
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file form display validation errors in form

parent ec308f16
......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ def submit():
f = validate_sets(f, errors)
if len(errors) > 0:
f['error'] = error
f['error'] = errors
error = True
<fieldset name="file{{=i}}">
<legend>Sample {{=i+1}}</legend>
{{ if file is not None and 'error' in file and len(file['error']) > 0: }}
<div class="error">error: {{=", ".join(file['error'])}}</div>
{{ pass }}
<input type="hidden" id="file_filename_{{=i}}" class="filename" name="file[{{=i}}][filename]" type="text" value="">
<input type="hidden" id="file_id_{{=i}}" name="file[{{=i}}][id]"
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