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vidjil: prepare CHANGELOG for release 2015.05

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This changelog concerns the algorithmic part (C++) of Vidjil.
2015-05-XX The Vidjil Team
* New default e-value threshold (-e 1.0), improving the segmentation heuristic
* New default for window length (-w 50), even with -D or with -g, streamlining the window handling
* Better multi-germline analysis (-g), selecting the best locus on the e-value (core/segment.cpp)
* Streamlined unsegmentation causes, including 'too short for w(indow)'
* Updated main and debug ouptut
* Updated help (, and new
* New option to keep only reads with labeled windows (-F), new combo (-FaW) to filter reads by window
* Bugs closed (non symmetrical seeds and revcomp)
* New and updated unit and functional tests
2015-04-09 The Vidjil Team
* New experimental e-value threshold (-e) (core/segment.cpp)
* New experimental unexpected recombination analysis (-2) (core/segment.cpp)
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