Commit efe44b67 authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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TODO revert

disable test for germline
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......@@ -902,11 +902,12 @@ sequences are, and potentially you could cluster them if you'd like or tag them.
assert ( not $b.clone_in_segmenter("IGHJ6*02").exist? ), "sequence germline is NOT present in the segmenter"
# menu entry is currently disabled TODO : revert
# $b.menu_import_export.hover
# $
# $b.update_icon.wait_while(&:present?)
assert ( $b.clone_in_segmenter("IGHJ6*02").exist? ), "sequence germline is present in the segmenter"
# assert ( $b.clone_in_segmenter("IGHJ6*02").exist? ), "sequence germline is present in the segmenter"
# todo, align; mutation; not available without server side
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