Commit eee8ae9e authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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germline/Makefile: use homo-sapiens.g

parent 9d1112c3
DATA=IGHV.fa IGHD.fa IGHJ.fa IGKV.fa IGKJ.fa IGLV.fa IGLJ.fa TRAV.fa TRAJ.fa TRDV.fa TRDD.fa TRDJ.fa TRGV.fa TRGJ.fa IGHD_upstream.fa TRBD_upstream.fa TRDD2_upstream.fa TRDD_upstream.fa IGHJ_downstream.fa IGKJ_downstream.fa IGLJ_downstream.fa TRAJ_downstream.fa TRBJ_downstream.fa TRDD3_downstream.fa TRDJ_downstream.fa TRGJ_downstream.fa IGK-INTRON.fa IGK-KDE.fa
DATA=$(wildcard homo-sapiens/*.fa)
OTHER_DATA=$(wildcard IGHC=*.fa) $(wildcard mus-musculus/*.fa) $(wildcard rattus-norvegicus/*.fa) $(wildcard ???[VDJ].fa) # Only for make clean
......@@ -8,8 +11,8 @@ germline: $(GERMLINE_JS) $(DATA)
python $@
python $(DEFAULT_G) $@
get-all-data: clean $(DATA)
sh get-germline
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