Commit eddf8693 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud Committed by Vidjil Team

server/ statistics on the vidjil.log files

parent 44a98b8d
'''Statistics on .vidjil.log files'''
import glob
from collections import defaultdict
def sort_except_fixed_order(l, fixed_order=[]):
ll = filter(lambda x: x not in fixed_order, l)
return fixed_order + sorted(ll)
'TRA', 'TRB', 'TRG', 'TRD',
'IGH', 'IGK', 'IGL',
FILES = glob.glob('web2py/out-0*/*.vidjil.log')
print "=== Stats from %d files ===" % len(FILES)
d = defaultdict(int)
for f in FILES:
for l in open(f):
l = l.strip()
if not l:
sep = '->'
if not sep in l:
cause, stats = l.split(sep)
cause = cause.strip()
nb = int(stats.split()[0])
d[cause] += nb
for cause in sort_except_fixed_order(d, GERMLINES):
print " %-25s %12d" % (cause, d[cause])
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