Commit ed7b9019 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert

.gitlab-ci.yml functional server failsafe ensure false

The server functional test failsafe to ensure the docker compose
environment is shut down when the tests fail also needs to return false
in order to ensure the job is marked as failed as expected.
parent 22a6bbf3
......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ test_server_functional:
- docker build --build-arg git_branch=$CI_BUILD_REF_SLUG --build-arg build_env=TEST -t $CI_BUILD_REF_SLUG docker/vidjil
- cd docker && docker-compose up & && cd ..
- HEADLESS=1 make functional_server || (docker-compose stop)
- HEADLESS=1 make functional_server || (docker-compose stop; false)
- cd docker && docker-compose stop
- /^feature-.*s.*\/.*$/
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