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algo/tests/should-get-tests: avoid temporary files if not required

out/ directory may not exist, leading to errors.
In that case we can do without temporary files.
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!LAUNCH: (cd $VIDJIL_DIR ; grep './$EXEC ' doc/ > out/ ; sh out/
!LAUNCH: (cd $VIDJIL_DIR ; grep './$EXEC ' doc/ | sh)
# Test examples embedded in 'doc/'
!LAUNCH: (cd $VIDJIL_DIR ; ./$EXEC -h 2> out/vidjil-h.txt ; grep '$EXEC -c' out/vidjil-h.txt > out/ ; sh out/
!LAUNCH: (cd $VIDJIL_DIR ; ./$EXEC -h 2>&1 > /dev/null | grep '$EXEC -c' | sh)
# Test examples embedded in './vidjil-algo -h'
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