Commit eafb1713 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert

Dockerfile change owner for files

Some elements need to create files and directories, but can't if they
don't have permission
parent 1283c7f0
......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ copy ./scripts/ /entrypoints/
run mkdir /usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/databases && touch /usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py/applications/vidjil/databases/sql.log
run mkdir /var/vidjil
run touch /var/vidjil/vidjil.log && touch /var/vidjil/vidjil-debug.log
run chown -R www-data:www-data /usr/share/vidjil
run useradd -ms /bin/bash vidjil && usermod -aG sudo vidjil
run cd /usr/share/vidjil/server/web2py && python -c "from gluon.main import save_password; save_password('default',443)"
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