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test_4606.rb; add a test for sequence without subset

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......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ class TestGraph < BrowserTest
$b.window(:title => "IMGT/V-QUEST").use do
assert ($b.text.include? "Number of analysed sequences: 1"), ">> fail IMGT analysis"
assert ($b.text.include? "no rearrangement found (stop codons)"), ">> IMGT expected V not found"
assert ($b.text.include? "subset"), ">> mention of subset in the table header"
assert (not $b.text.include? "Subset"), ">> no mention of subset (except 'subset' in the table header)"
$b.window(:title => "").use
$b.window(:title => "IMGT/V-QUEST").close
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