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Tests: Only check that we have the same number of Vs.

Do what the test says. We don't care if we have 143 affectations (it is lower now with -t
about 100). We want to see if we have the same affectations. Just do a sort -u:
if we have twice the same line the duplicate will be removed with the -u, hence we will have
only one occurrence of the XXX
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!LAUNCH: $LAUNCHER ../../vidjil -k 9 -G ../../germline/IGH -K -c clones ../../data/revcomp.fa ; grep 'X.X.X' out/revcomp.affects | sed 's/[^X]//g' | awk '{ print length }'
!LAUNCH: $LAUNCHER ../../vidjil -k 9 -G ../../germline/IGH -K -c clones ../../data/revcomp.fa ; grep 'X.X.X' out/revcomp.affects | sed 's/[^X]//g' | sort -u
$ Segments both reads, normal and reverse
1:junction detected in 2 reads
$ Same number of 'V' affectations in both reads
1: XXX
$ Only one window
1:==> found 1 ..-window
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