Commit e883f2c9 authored by aurelien beliard's avatar aurelien beliard Committed by Mathieu Giraud
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......@@ -613,6 +613,7 @@ changeAlleleNotation: function(alleleNotation) {
* normalize a size to match the normalization done on a given time/sample
* normalization is done when update is
* @param {float} original_size - size before normalization
* @param {integer} time - time/sample index of the timepoint where happen the normalization
* @return {float} normalized_size - size after normalization
......@@ -669,6 +670,7 @@ changeAlleleNotation: function(alleleNotation) {
* compute normalization factor needed to give a data an expected size
* first function called when normalization button is clicked
* @param {integer} data - index of the data used as pivot for normalization
* @param {float} expected_size - the size the should have the clone after normalization
* */
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