Commit e8554e1d authored by marc duez's avatar marc duez

Revert "main.js : comment unworking vmi code"

This reverts commit 19471b9f.
-keep bug for fun.
-should be fixed by !624
parent 0e9d192e
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......@@ -76,10 +76,8 @@ try {
var separator = template.content.firstChild;
/* vmi currently create view in a static frame, not in self generated panels*/
//var panel_instructions = [{'mid-container': ["left-container", "visu-container"]},"bot-container"];
//vmi.setupPanels(panel_instructions, document.body);
var panel_instructions = [{'mid-container': ["left-container", "visu-container"]},"bot-container"];
vmi.setupPanels(panel_instructions, document.body);
vmi.addView("info", "left-container", "");
vmi.addView("list", "left-container", "");
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