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disappear until the user clicks on it.
In the =console.log=, the field =priority= takes one of those priorities.
** Plots
*** How to add something to be plotted
You want to add a dimension in the scatterplot or as a color? Read the
**** Scatterplot
In [[file:../browser/js/scatterPlot.js][scatterPlot.js]], the =available_axis= object defines the dimensions that
can be displayed. It suffices to add an entry so that it will be proposed
in the X and Y axis. This kind of way of doing should be generalized to
the other components.
The presets are defined in the =preset= object.
**** Color
Adding a color needs slightly more work than adding a dimension in the
The function =updateColor= in file [[file:../browser/js/clone.js][clone.js]] must be modified to add our color method.
The variable =this.color= must contain a color (either in HTML or RGB, or…).
Then a legend must be displayed to understand what the color represents.
For this sake, modify the =build_info_color= method in [[file:../browser/js/builder.js][builder.js]] file. By
default four spans are defined (that can be used) to display the legend:
=span0=, ..., =span3=.
Finally modify the [[file:../browser/index.html][index.html]] file to add the new color method in the
select box (which is under the =color_menu= ID).
** Classes
*** Clone
**** Info box
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