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doc/ we support the (almost) latest g++

See #3015.
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......@@ -71,8 +71,7 @@ You can also download a static binary (see next paragraph, 'Installation').
To compile Vidjil-algo, make sure:
- to be on a POSIX system ;
- to have a C++11 compiler (as =g++= 4.8 or above or =clang= 3.3 or above).
(Vidjil-algo will not work with a =g++= 7.0 or above.)
- to have a C++11 compiler (as =g++= 4.8 or above, =g++= 7.2 being supported, or =clang= 3.3 or above).
- to have the =zlib= installed (=zlib1g-dev= package under Debian/Ubuntu,
=zlib-devel= package under Fedora/CentOS).
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