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......@@ -81,15 +81,17 @@ Both GET and POST requests are accepted.
Note that the =browser/index.html= file and the =.vidjil/.analysis= files should be hosted on the same server.
Otherwise, the server hosting the =.vidjil/.analysis= files must accept cross-domain queries.
- "set=xx" sample set id
- "config=xx" config id
The client can also load data from a server (see below, requires logging), as in
| =set=xx= | sample set id |
| =config=xx= | config id |
Older formats (patients, run...) are also supported for compatibility but deprecated.
Moreover, the state of the client can be encoded in the URL, as in,size,bar&clone=11,31
- "plot=x,y,m". plot (x axis, y ayis) axis names are found in js/axes.js. mode is optional, can be ....
- "clone=xx,xx,xx" selected clone ids
| =plot=x,y,m= | plot (x axis, y axis) |
| =clone=xx,xx,xx= | selected clone ids |
For =plot= the axis names are found in =browser/js/axes.js=. =m= is optional, and defines the type of plot (either =grid= or =bar=).
We intend to encode more parameters in the URL.
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