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Commit e4df4530 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
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germline/generate-recombinations.py: generate artificial recombinations from germlines

This will be used for some tests.
parent cd73db99
'''Generates artificial VJ recombinations'''
from __future__ import print_function
import json
import fasta
import random
def recombine_VJ(seq5, remove5, N, remove3, seq3):
name = "%s %d/%s/%d %s" % (seq5.name, remove5, N, remove3, seq3.name)
seq = seq5.seq[:len(seq5)-remove5] + '\n' + N + '\n' + seq3.seq[remove3:]
return fasta.Fasta(name, seq)
def select_genes(rep5, rep3, at_least=0):
nb = 0
for seq5 in rep5:
yield (seq5, random.choice(rep3))
nb += 1
for seq3 in rep3:
yield (random.choice(rep5), seq3)
nb += 1
while nb < at_least:
yield (random.choice(rep5), random.choice(rep3))
nb += 1
def generate_to_file(rep5, rep3, f, recomb_function):
print(" ==>", f)
with open(f, 'w') as ff:
nb = 0
for seq5, seq3 in select_genes(rep5, rep3):
nb += 1
seq = recomb_function(seq5, seq3)
seq.header = seq.header.replace(' ', '_')
print(" ==> %d recombinations" % nb)
germlines_json = open('germlines.data').read().replace('germline_data = ', '')
germlines = json.loads(germlines_json)
for code in germlines:
g = germlines[code]
print("--- %s - %-4s - %s" % (g['shortcut'], code, g['description']))
if '4' in g:
# Read germlines
rep5 = []
for r5 in g['5']:
rep5 += list(fasta.parse_as_Fasta(open(r5)))
rep3 = []
for r3 in g['3']:
rep3 += list(fasta.parse_as_Fasta(open(r3)))
print(" 5: %3d sequences" % len(rep5),
" 3: %3d sequences" % len(rep3))
# Generate recombinations
generate_to_file(rep5, rep3, '../data/gen/0-removes-%s.should-vdj.fa' % code,
(lambda seq5, seq3: recombine_VJ(seq5, 0, 'ATCG', 0, seq3)))
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