Commit e3c58908 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

server/Makefile: Rule to install all the prerequisites

parent c8589802
install: install_web2py install_unit_tests
install_web2py: install_web2py:
wget wget
unzip unzip
...@@ -32,3 +34,5 @@ clean_unit_tests: ...@@ -32,3 +34,5 @@ clean_unit_tests:
rm -f web2py/test-reports/*.xml rm -f web2py/test-reports/*.xml
cleanall: clean_unit_tests cleanall: clean_unit_tests
.PHONY: install install_web2py install_unit_tests unit install_web2py_standalone launch_web2py_localhost launch_fuse_server kill_fuse_server clean_unit_tests cleanall
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