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Finally modify the [index.html](../browser/index.html) file to add the new color method in the
select box (which is under the `color_menu` ID).
## Sequence panel
### Add a sequence feature
A sequence feature can be used to highlight a specific part of a sequence.
Here for example is the sequence feature describing how to highlight the V region as available in aligner_layer.js
''' js
'title': function (s,c) { return c.seg["5"].name;},
'start': function (s,c) { return c.getSegStart("5"); },
'stop': function (s,c) { return c.getSegStop("5"); },
'className': "seq_layer_highlight",
'style': { 'background': "#4c4" },
'enabled': true
each sequence feature contains fields used to customize and locate the feature on the sequence.
- title : [text] the content of the html title field of the feature.
- start : [int] the position of the first nucleotide of the selected region.
- stop : [int] the position of the last nucleotide of the selected region .
- text : [int] (optional) text to overlay on top of the sequence.
- condition : [boolean] (optional) sequence feature will be displayed only if true.
- classname : [text] (optional) html classname used to customize the sequence feature look.
- style : [object] (optional) additional css properties to further customize the sequence feature.
- enabled : [boolean] default visibility
most field can take a static value or a function that will be able to return a specific value for each clone.
''' js
function (s,c) { ...}
- s : the aligner_sequence object (check aligner_sequence.js to see available functions)
- c : the clone object (check clone.js to see functions / data available)
### How to add a sequence feature in the menu
You can set the 'enabled' sequence feature field to true to always display it, or, you can edit the aligner_menu file to add an entry to the sequence panel menu allowing you to enable/disable your sequence feature with a checkbox.
example : the aligner_menu.js entry allowing to enable/disable the V/D/J regions of the sequence
''' js
'text': 'V/D/J genes',
'title': 'Highlight V/D/J genes',
'layers': ["V","D","J"],
'enabled': true
- text : [text] checkbox text to display in the sequence menu panel
- title : [text] the content of the html title field of the checkbox.
- layers : [array] a list of sequence feature name defined in aligner_layer.js to enable/disable
- enabled : [boolean] default checkbox value
## Classes
### Clone
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