Commit e28c12ae authored by Tatiana Rocher's avatar Tatiana Rocher
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.affect in the .vidjil file

parent faf08963
......@@ -870,8 +870,12 @@ void FineSegmenter::findCDR3(){
JsonList FineSegmenter::toJsonList(Germline *germline){
JsonList result;
//string str = getSequence().sequence;
KmerSegmenter *kseg = new KmerSegmenter(getSequence(), germline);
result.add("sequence", revcomp(sequence, reversed) );
if (isSegmented()) {
result.add("name", code_short);
......@@ -897,7 +901,16 @@ JsonList FineSegmenter::toJsonList(Germline *germline){
json_cdr->add("stop", CDR3end);
seg.add("cdr3", *json_cdr);
JsonList *json_affect;
json_affect=new JsonList();
json_affect->add("start", 0);
json_affect->add("stop", sequence.size()); /// longueur sequence
json_affect->add("seq", kseg->getKmerAffectAnalyser()->toString());
seg.add("affect", *json_affect);
result.add("seg", seg);
return result;
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