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See #3945.
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- Other objects: `Report`, `Shortcut`
Extends functionalities but requires elements from the full `index.html`.
### Clone attributes
Each clone has one (and only one) of these attributes.
Either its raw size is constant (`_CONSTANT`), either it is computed from other clones (`_DISTRIB`, `_OTHER`).
Note that, that in each case, the displayed size can be different from the raw size
due to normalizations.
The clone can be selected by the user. It can be focused in, or hidden.
The clone can be clustered with other clones. This clone should also be C_INTERACTABLE.
Each clone that has values on the current axes will be displayed in the 'scatterplot' panel.
Each clone that has a sequence will be displayed in the bottom 'segmenter' panel.
## Integrating the client
### HTML and CSS
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