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Commit e08ef643 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert Committed by Mikaël Salson
Browse files update to include postfix setup

See #2760
parent cfc84ebb
......@@ -137,6 +137,7 @@ From image `vidjil/server`
- `fuse` The XmlRPCServer that handles queries for comparing samples
- `backup` Starts a cron job to schedule regular backups
- `reporter` A monitoring utility that can be configured to send monitoring information to a remote server
- `postfix` A mail relay to allow `uwsgi` to send error notifications
......@@ -165,8 +166,12 @@ openssl x509 -noout -fingerprint -text < web2py.crt
mkdir -p vidjil-client/ssl
mv web2py.* vidjil-client/ssl/
+ If you are using the `postfix` container you may want to generate certificates (using the same process) and place them in `postfix/ssl`.
The certificates must bear the name of your mail domain (<maildomain>.crt and <maildomain>.key)
- A better option is to use other certificates, for example by configuring free [Let's Encrypt]( certificates;
In `docker-compose.yml`, update `nginx.volumes`, line `./vidjil-client/ssl:/etc/nginx/ssl`, to set the directory with the certificates.
The same can be done for the `postfix` container.
If you would prefer to use the vidjil over HTTP (not recommended outside of testing purposes), you can
......@@ -179,6 +184,8 @@ forget to make a backup of any file you replace.)
- Set the SSL certificates (see above)
- Change the mysql root password and the web2py admin password in `docker-compose.yml`
- Change the mysql vidjil password in `mysql/create_db.sql` and sets it also in `DB_ADDRESS` in `vidjil-server/conf/`
- Set the desired mail domain and credentials for the `postfix` container and update `vidjil-server/conf/`
- Comment backup/reporter services in `docker-compose.yml`
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