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tutorial: remove duplicated test

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......@@ -213,17 +213,8 @@ their gene names or by their DNA sequences.
def test_B_clones_06_filter_by_tag
def test_B_clones_06b_filter_by_tag
assert ($b.clone_in_list("1").present?), "clone 0 is present at starting test"
# Click on tag switch; clone 1 will be hidden
$b.info_colorBy.span(title: 'clone 1').click
assert (not $b.clone_in_list("1").present?), "clone 0 is hidden"
$b.info_colorBy.span(title: 'clone 1').click
assert ($b.clone_in_list("1").present?), "clone 0 is present at the end of the test"
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