Commit ddc20e67 authored by HERBERT Ryan's avatar HERBERT Ryan
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Added a rule in the controller allowing a group to not have a parent

parent 07514048
...@@ -40,17 +40,20 @@ def add_form(): ...@@ -40,17 +40,20 @@ def add_form():
#group creator is a group member #group creator is a group member
auth.add_membership(id, auth.add_membership(id,
#group creator = group admin
auth.add_permission(user_group, 'admin', db.auth_group, id)
# Associate group with parent group network # Associate group with parent group network
parent_list = db(db.group_assoc.second_group_id == request.vars["group_parent"]).select(db.group_assoc.ALL) group_parent = request.vars["group_parent"]
parent = None if group_parent != None:
if len(parent_list) > 0: parent_list = db(db.group_assoc.second_group_id == group_parent).select(db.group_assoc.ALL)
for parent in parent_list: parent = None
db.group_assoc.insert(first_group_id=parent.first_group_id, second_group_id=id) if len(parent_list) > 0:
for parent in parent_list:
db.group_assoc.insert(first_group_id=parent.first_group_id, second_group_id=id)
auth.add_permission(parent.first_group_id, PermissionEnum.group_admin.value, id)
db.group_assoc.insert(first_group_id=group_parent, second_group_id=id)
auth.add_permission(group_parent, PermissionEnum.admin_group.value, id)
else: else:
db.group_assoc.insert(first_group_id=request.vars["group_parent"], second_group_id=id) auth.add_permission(id, PermissionEnum.group_admin.value, id)
res = {"redirect": "group/index", res = {"redirect": "group/index",
"message" : "group '%s' created" % id} "message" : "group '%s' created" % id}
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