Commit dce19c3d authored by HERBERT Ryan's avatar HERBERT Ryan run file info access

Fixed an issue where the query for viewing a results_file's info
expected to have an entry in the patient table attached to the
results_file. This has been corrected to expect only a sample_set
parent c432b581
......@@ -76,12 +76,11 @@ def run_all_patients():
## display run page result
## need ["results_file_id"]
def info():
patient_id = db(( == db.results_file.sequence_file_id)
sample_set_id = db(( == db.results_file.sequence_file_id)
&( == request.vars["results_file_id"])
&(db.sample_set_membership.sequence_file_id ==
&(db.patient.sample_set_id == db.sample_set_membership.sample_set_id)
if (auth.can_modify_patient(patient_id)):
if (auth.can_modify_sample_set(sample_set_id)):
return dict(message=T('result info'))
else :
res = {"message": "acces denied"}
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