Commit dc0a51ff authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud
Browse files MiXCR_Result(), now on best V/D/J hits

parent 31ea5d70
Takes a .fa file, a _Summary.txt file as produced by IMGT/V-QUEST,
Takes either:
- a .fa file, a _Summary.txt file as produced by IMGT/V-QUEST
- or a results file produced by MiXCR
and creates a .vdj file to be checked by
python data-curated/curated_IG.fa data-curated/curated_ig_Summary.txt > data-curated/curated_IG.vdj
python data-curated/curated_TR.fa data-curated/curated_tr_Summary.txt > data-curated/curated_TR.vdj
python data-curated/curated_IG.fa data-curated/curated_ig_Summary.txt > data-curated/imgt-IG.vdj
python data-curated/curated_TR.fa data-curated/curated_tr_Summary.txt > data-curated/imgt-TR.vdj
python data-curated/mixcr.results > data-curated/mixcr.vdj
import sys
......@@ -31,6 +34,10 @@ def parse_gene_and_allele_to_vdj(s):
return '(%s)' % ','.join(genes)
def N_to_vdj(s):
return '/%s/' % s
class Result():
'''Stores a tabulated result'''
......@@ -49,6 +56,35 @@ class Result():
return str(self.d)
class MiXCR_Result(Result):
def parse(self, l):
self.labels = mixcr_labels
return ('\t' in l.strip())
def to_vdj(self):
if not self.result:
return 'no result'
s = ''
s += self['Best V hit']
s += ' '
if self['Best D hit']:
s += N_to_vdj(self['N. Seq. VDJunction'])
s += ' '
s += self['Best D hit']
s += ' '
s += N_to_vdj(self['N. Seq. DJJunction'])
s += N_to_vdj(self['N. Seq. VJJunction'])
s += ' '
s += self['Best J hit']
return s
class IMGT_VQUEST_Result(Result):
'''Stores a IMGT/V-QUEST result'''
......@@ -96,8 +132,29 @@ def header_vquest_results(ff_fasta, ff_vquest):
yield (fasta, vquest)
def header_mixcr_results(ff_mixcr):
f = open(ff_mixcr).__iter__()
mixcr_first_line =
globals()['mixcr_labels'] = mixcr_first_line.split('\t')
while True:
l =
result = MiXCR_Result(l)
yield result['Description R1'], result.to_vdj()
if __name__ == '__main__':
if 'mixcr' in sys.argv[1]:
for (header, result) in header_mixcr_results(sys.argv[1]):
print "#%s" % header
print ">%s" % result
for (header, result) in header_vquest_results(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]):
# print "=========="
print header.replace('>', '#')
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