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Commit db91689a authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert

sample_set/index.html single results export

instead of having one button per config, just a single button that
extracts for all configs should suffice.

See #3041
parent b0d2ef4c
......@@ -210,8 +210,10 @@
else { myUrl.loadUrl(db, { 'sample_set_id' : '{{=request.vars["id"]}}' , 'config' : {{}} }, '{{=info["filename"]}}' ) }" >
{{}} </a>
<a id="stats_button" target="_blank" class="button2" href="/vidjil/sample_set/result_files?sample_set_ids={{=request.vars['id']}}&config_id={{}}">export {{}}</a>
{{ if fused_count > 0: }}
<a id="stats_button" target="_blank" class="button2" href="/vidjil/sample_set/result_files?sample_set_ids={{=request.vars['id']}}&config_id=-1">export</a>
{{ pass }}
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