Commit da00d93c authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson Committed by Vidjil Team
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vidjil_utils: Util function to put properties of one dictionary in another

parent 9b82e650
......@@ -138,6 +138,21 @@ def advanced_filter(list_searched, filter_str):
return True
def put_properties_in_dict(src_dict, dest_dict, properties):
Put the values of src_dict in dest_dict.
Only keys that are keys in properties are copied to dest_dict.
The key in dest_dict is determined by properties[key]
>>> put_properties_in_dict({'toto': [1, 2], 'tutu': 'A'}, {'toto': 3, 'machin': 2}, {'toto': 'toto', 'titi': 'titi', 'tutu': 'truc'}) == {'toto': [1, 2], 'truc': 'A', 'machin': 2}
for key in properties.iterkeys():
if key in src_dict:
dest_dict[properties[key]] = src_dict[key]
return dest_dict
#### Utilities on regex
def search_first_regex_in_file(regex, filename, max_nb_line=None):
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